Kazincbarcika, Egressy Beni ut

In the very last days of October, I spent a short time in my home town in Hungary, Kazincbarcika.
Visited my family and had a fantastic high school reunion, after quite a few years. Great time!
Here is a couple of pictures from the place where I grew up.

Egressy Beni ut is the main street of town. In the socialist era, it was called Lenin ut… I prefer this new name; he was a great composer and playwrighter in the first half of the 19th century, born in one of the villages of which they united the new city called Kazincbarcika in 1954.

Typical apartment house, built in the 50’s

One of the more than 40 statues in the town: Kuruc Valiant

You can see the values of the communism from the 50’s also on the embossements: work, work, work.

There are a few small squares like this one, along the street


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