Sweet days

In front of the windows of the beautiful department store NK (last picture in this post) there is a big crowd all the time these days. Of course, for mainly the kids want to know how are the pepparkakor (gingerbread biscuits) are made. This yummy stuff is the absolut #1 must of the season. When you go in a shop, be it the shoemaker at the corner, on the counter you would find an open box of pepparkakor, for you to enjoy.

So, here is how it is made.

Little people (most probably elves, but it’s not been verified as of yet) are harvesting the ingredients

They take them to town, to Pepparkakeland

Here we are in the factory: important ingredients of pepparkakor are milk, Christmas peace, sugar, syrup – stored in the big containers

Decorating and packing the ready pepparkakor


Pepparkakor to every corner of the world!


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