A smart automat

Listen to little birdie’s station

Yesterday evening we went to the movies, saw the Pirates of the Caribbean.

One extremely funny thing for me here in Sweden is the language. The movie is called bio. In other countries, when you speak about bio, it means something connected to biology, natural food etc products. Here it’s mostly used for cinema…

Buying a movie ticket is absulutely easy, you don’t need to stand in long lines: you just book it on the net in your home, then go and pick it up 15 minutes before the film starts. You just swipe your credit card you paid with in such a machine and there you have the tickets.

By the way, Biomat is the name of a laundry powder in Hungary :-DDD

Movie ticket automat. Photo: Andrea Gerak


5 thoughts on “A smart automat

  1. Or like in bio-graphy. I suppose we could get us some organic food and then use the biomat to obtain tickets for a movie (at the “bio”) based on someone’s biography… 🙂


  2. I just wonder why do you have to go and pick the tickets 15 minutes before. Why don’t you simply print them, like boarding cards to airplanes, museum tickets, etc…:((Thanks for the comments to < HREF="http://blogtrotta.blogspot.com/" REL="nofollow">Blogtrotter<>, and for the html hint. 🙂


  3. gmg, well done for linking!!I can only guess why you can’t just print out the movie ticket: maybe so that one doesn’t print out at home the same ticket 6 times and take all the friends, paying only for 1…


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