Kazincbarcika, Pollack Mihály út

I try something now in a few posts, because some of my readers, visitors understand English, others Hungarian and I guess it will be easier if I make simply the texts bi-lingual, instead of creating double posts in my blogs.
Most kiprobalok valamit egy par bejegyzesben, mert az olvasoim-latogatoim egyik resze magyarul ert, masikuk angolul, es azt hiszem, konnyebb lesz egyszeruen a szoveget ket nyelven irni, mint dupla bejegyzeseket irni a blogjaimba.

That’s a very characterisic place in my hometown, the “Pollack”.

The street, with great spaces between the apartment houses, which give plenty of possibilities for kids to play (oh, I was playing there so much!), was named after Mihaly Pollack who was the most eminent neo—classic architect of Central and Eastern Europe in the first half of 19th century. He worked in Pest and his chief achievement is the Hungarian National Museum (1837).
A “Pollack” a varosnak igen jellegzetes resze.

Igazabol egy utca, igen szellosen elrendezett berhazakkal, koztuk rengeteg hellyel, ami nagyszeru teret ad a gyerekeknek. Mennyit is jatszottam arrafele!
A nevado Pollack Mihaly pedig (ha valaki szamara nem lenne ismeros a nev) a reformkor leghiresebb, Kozep- es Kelet-Europaban legjelentosebb neo-klasszicista epitesze volt, a Nemzeti Muzeum tervezoje.

To the right is my old school and it bears the same name:
A kep jobbszelen a regi iskolam, amely szinten ezt a nevet viseli:

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Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE!

And so we get back to the main street of the city.
Ezzel vissza is erkezunk a varos foutcajara.


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