Sunset from the Gondolen

Listen to little birdie’s station

Friday evening I had a nice walk in the city and at the end, I even happened to climb up to the Gondolen (120 or 130 something stairs from Slussen, I don’t remember exactly).
Pentek este setaltam egy jot a varosban, es a vegen ugy esett, hogy meg a Gondolara is felmasztam (szazhuszon- vagy harmincvalamennyi lepcso, mar nem emlekszem pontosan).

There is a restaurant & bar up there, always crowded of course, but I was rather interested in the view which would be absolutely worth to climb up for even double as high, even if you don’t choose to take the elevator.
Van ott fent egy etterem es bar is, termeszetesen mindig tomve, de engem inkabb a kilatas erdekelt, ami mindenkeppen megerne, meg ha ketszer olyan magasra is kell felmenni, lift nelkul.

Sunset over Stockholm at 10 in the evening.
Naplemente Stockholm felett, este 10-kor.

Summer sunset in Stockholm 2.

Summer sunset in Stockholm 1.


7 thoughts on “Sunset from the Gondolen

  1. Another great set. I like how the city itself darkens and only the sky and the water glows in the sunset. Almost the same spot where I got < HREF="" REL="nofollow">this<>, probably.


  2. It’s a good spot Andrea but it was rather windy when I was up there. Kind of tricky to keep track of my compact camera since I don’t use a tripod. Well, I suppose I’m in it for the challenge… Incidentally, there’s an interesting theatre if anyone would choose to look in the other direction while up there.Beside night shots, you’re very good at blue skies and vivid colours so both Claude and I are counting on more of that stuff from your lense! 🙂


  3. Wow Andrea, so beautiful these pictures. Actually they confirm my idea that Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in the world in summertime… Loved!Gil


  4. I am back and glad that you enjoy the sunset with me 🙂Claude, I found some < HREF="" REL="nofollow">sunrays<> for you 🙂Gil, you are right, Stockholm is just perfect in the summer – well, if you don’t expect soak in the waters day long… For tourists, it’s definitely the best town to stroll around. Per yes, the theater is also very nice, I took a few pictures but didn’t come out very well, it was a bit too dark for that. Maybe I will climb up there in a morning…


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