Pets outside

Listen to little birdie’s station

In the suburb called Bandhagen, one can see pets that spend all their times outside the houses. Art work by Irish-born sculptor Aline Magnusson
A Bandhagen nevű külvárosban a háziállatok kint töltik minden idejüket. Az ír születésű Aline Magnusson szobrászművész munkái:

Cat Tinker Bell


I forgot the name of this dog…
Elfelejtettem a nevét ennek a kutyusnak…


Piglet Glader



5 thoughts on “Pets outside

  1. Hi Andrea! So you profited from the fact that I was absent to post without notice… ;))Four months in Budapest and now Stockholm for the summer; wise girl… ;))The multicolour house is superb!Have a great Sunday and a better week!< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Blogtrotter<>


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