Heart under my feet

Sziv a labam alatt

Yesterday, while sipping a coffee just sitting down on the ground as an ordinary tourist does, suddenly this shiny, red little heart came falling from the sky, out of nothing and landed on the cobble stones. In the next few minutes the wind blew it very close to me.
Tegnap, mikozben a kavemat szurcsoltem, rendes turistahoz illoen a kovon uldogelve, hirtelen ez a kis fenyes, piros szivecske pottyant le az egbol, csak ugy a semmibol, a kockakoveken landolva. A kovetkezo percekben a szel igen kozel fujta hozzam. 

There was another little heart just under my feet in Vienna, and another one that I can’t find at the moment. Must be a sign, I reckon. Perhaps Mr. Darcy is on its way to me? 🙂
Volt egy masik pici sziv is pont a labam alatt Becsben, meg egy masik, amit most epp nem talalok. Biztosan egy jel. Talan Mr. Darcy utban van felem? 🙂  

Shiny, Red Heart

Yes, I want more of this! / Igen, kérek még ilyet!

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A Hungarian artist here who always LOVED to travel and right now this is what she does: singing, dancing, photographing, writing, sometimes acting and always learning her way through the world. Official website: www.AndreaGerak.com And these are a few awesome resources that can help you as well to live the way you want – is it maybe travel? Pick those that are interesting for you

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