The “You Look Disgusting” Hype

A video is making big rounds on the internet, by a beauty blogger named Em Ford, supported by BBC. In it, the twenty-something girl tells the world about how bad she feels when people say bad things about her otherwise indeed fabulous face which is ruined by a terrible case of acne, and seemingly, encouraging herself and others with a similar condition to not to give a damn about what the Vicious Peeps Of The Internets say, and also, not to give in to the pressure of covering your natural self with make-up.

In case you haven’t seen it, you can increase the 12M+ view count (well done for that number):

The girl is beautiful. And it’s so heart wrenching to see what responses it evokes from many other beautiful girls who are cursed with the same issue!

It would be a beautiful message in itself – but only on the surface, otherwise this campaign is very hypocritical, on more than one levels.

Something is terribly off, because:

1. This campaign is presenting a false problem of Make-Up vs. No Make-Up, while masking the real problem that the girl indeed has a very bad skin condition! With much better skin, nobody would give her any negative comments on bare face pictures, so she wouldn’t need to seek positive attention and collect comments of how beautiful she is.

Instead of advertising how severe her acne is, and instead of covering it all the time with super thick layers of make-up (which is very probably one reason for such a bad acne – it’s enough to look at only the ingredients list of the products that she are using in her videos), why not investing more energy in making her skin healthy and good looking? So that she won’t need to cover it so desperately, and could do make-up only for fun and creativity.

2. “Love yourself”, “Don’t care about what others say about you”, “You are beautiful anyway”, Don’t let media influence you about your look”, “Doesn’t matter whether or not you wear make-up” etc, are all wonderful messages and this is the only thing that many young girls are taking away from this media campaign – but considering that she herself is very actively promoting heavy use of make-up and more, she is making money with make-up, therefore her video is double standards.

3. Pointing fingers to others, while not taking care of her own problem.

Another disappointment of this video, that most people miss, is that she is portraying herself as a vulnerable, shy young girl who is getting hurt by those evil commenters – yeah sure: Meddy Ford (that’s her real name), a former glamour model baring her boobs, whose ultimate dream was to be a Playboy model, and who got eliminated from the Paris Hilton’s Best British Friend series, because she got drunk on the show – sensitive like a mimosa, really?? Give me a break.

Now call me insensitive and without compassion, but playing the “poor me” card and blaming “haters”, “social media” and “media pressure” (backed by mainstream media!) for one’s lack of responsibility for one’s skin condition – well, do you really find it that this whole story is all about an honest, genuine intention of helping other girls with acne issues?

4. What is also rather harmful, albeit a well-hidden message: this video is also conveying that you don’t need to give a damn, if you have a serious health problem. It’s enough if you are either fine with it, or mask it, just be happy with it.

And this is what is being promoted and applauded!!

No, this should not be applauded: bad skin shows you that that something is wrong in your body, so it’s better take care of the situation, instead of covering it. How happy can you be, if you are not happy in your own skin, Miss Ford?

Our face is a mirror or what is going on inside, physically AND mentally, so there is no need to blame others, if they don’t like what you show on your face.

A common sense suggestion (as only a few commenters have done it) for you, dear, would be to first of all face your own face, and handle whatever needs to be handle to get healthy skin.

Stress, hormones, diet, genes, hair and skin care products, undiscovered medical conditions – all these factors should be checked as possible reasons of why one suffers from such a terrible acne.

I don’t have perfect skin myself, but am almost twice as old as this girl and when I do photo or film shootings, the make-up artists don’t even need to put on my face a quarter of the make-up of what Em is using, so I would honestly love to see her glowing and being comfortable in her skin, especially because she is so young and naturally gorgeous.

The good news is that there are solutions for acne. 

If Em Ford cared, she could do a great deal for her own skin (assuming that she indeed has tried remedies – but apparently they have failed so far, which can’t come as a surprise, for she is using all those random cosmetic products with ingredients that are harming her skin), if she really cared about the condition of her own skin, she could turn to Mother Nature for help: lemon, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, aloe vera, Himalayan salt would each make a difference.

Or she could turn to Breakthrough Science: the unique product Renu 28 gel used topically and Asea drink from inside should take care of the problem.

So that she wouldn’t need to get hurt by others’ comments but would only receive compliments.

*Head photo: yours truly looking down on the world, with bare face. Make-up used for the shot: black mascara (most probably a waterproof Maybelline), a black eye pencil (Astor? Maybelline? Manhattan?), some cheap lip balm I had at hand, or maybe just coconut oil. Photo: Roberto Kaplan

Andrea GerakAndrea Gerák (also spelled as Gerak) is a Hungarian artist, mostly known as a singer. She is also photographing, dancing, writing, acting, modeling, and forever learning through her journey in the world, living out of a suitcase. Her attention turned to healthy living after a cancer surgery in 2008. Proud mom of a big boy.

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6 thoughts on “The “You Look Disgusting” Hype

  1. Well done! This is exactly what I was trying to say in the Youtube video I took down due to the hate I was getting.

    I hope her success is mainly driven by the younger population and not by mature women. Otherwise I would be better off making money on peoples’ stupidity.


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