Live and Travel Your Life is not only about traveling the world and seeing great places but about how one can “travel” through life.

I grew up in a small town in Hungary and started traveling without my parents at the age of 11, lived in 8 countries so far and visited a few more, I need 2 hands to count the languages that I speak or read, and can’t keep count of all the wonderful people I have met.

The experiences of these more than 3 decades since my first trip alone to a pioneer camp by the lake Balaton where we had so much fun and therefore I didn’t understand why other kids were crying and wanted to go home to Mom, could easily fill a few books.

Although my road has never been free of bumps and it can be really rocky at times, I have always done lot of things that most of the people are only dreaming of (if they dream at all…): I was on stage as a dancer already at the age of 5 and later, toured Europe with dance groups, nowadays every now and then I am a star as a singer and have fans all over the world, I act in movies, swim in the seas, live in the most beautiful neighborhoods of the world that tourists are dying to see but just rush through quickly, for their itinerary allows only that. Above all, I am also a proud mother.

Early morning panorama view over Prague, from Mala strana. Photo: Andrea Gerak
Early morning view from my window, over Prague

Often, people envy me for all this – but remember: it is only You who can create your own life! Just as I have created mine, with all its shiny and not-so-shiny moments.

Now, I am closer to 50 than to 40: in this age it is considered “normal” to look forward to retirement, and many people start writing off themselves and they in fact, prepare to retire from life – I am so happy and excited for all the opportunities that are still ahead of me! And keen to learn whatever I need to learn.

On this site, I am hoping to give you inspiration, motivation, ideas and tips so that you too, can Live and Travel Your Life, the way You want it.

Bon Voyage with the LIFE posts,
Andrea Gerák

Somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean

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