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What can Andrea Gerak do for you, at Live and Travel Your Life?

  • The most obvious choice would be a singing performance at your event (solo, with musicians and even with dancers). Festivals, corporate, private, community, church events, exhibitions, gala events, conferences, team building, clubs, theaters, restaurants, hospitals, yoga or other wellness centers, etc.
    Beside a show that your guests will thank you for and remember fondly, you will be also featured as part of the journal of my trip, with lots of photos and if feasible, videos. This is something that you probably can’t really find from anybody else, not only because of my qualities as a singer and performer, but also because you will hardly ever get music performances from travel bloggers, and on the other hand, singers will not bother about sharing how great host was your company for their gig, and you will not get lots of photos from them that you can use for your promotion!
  • videos using my songs and/or photography, like this one where I took photos on a boat trip, or better, shooting a video at your location, like this one (Please ask for password to view it: the music video Ej Lasko, Lasko, by Bob Yothers was shot in Prague, premiered in the Official Selection of Columbus Arts Festival 2015 and is being submitted to other film festivals, therefore not available for the broad public yet. Email:;
  • music and dance festivals are the best! If not performing, I could be a presenter (in English and Hungarian) or a Festival Guide for participant performers;
  • writing a review of your travel related product/service or your location;
  • interviews for your magazine or radio, television show, podcast.


– email list of 6000+

– 4600+ Facebook Friends, plus 1600+ Followers

– Twitter account with 1000+ Followers;

– 1100+ LinkedIn connections

Offline marketing can be even more effective, leveraging occasions that draw the attention of bigger crowds: cultural, social or networking events, festivals or fairs, radio or tv interviews, printed media.

Will love to do something at any of these destinations and much more.

What can you do for us?

I am open for anything travel related that you can offer: travel means and gear, accommodation, activities, and others.

A few items on my wish list:

– a laptop (this would be essential, for at the moment I don’t own a workable one and I depend on desktop computers of places where I am staying, if they have one that I can use any time). I would be grateful forever for an Asus Transformer Book T100AM or a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, for example);

– a smart phone for being connected on the go (right now I am preparing for my next longer trips and Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is a love for the first sight, so far unrequited. Many of my photographs and several of the videos were taken with a 6-year old, battered Sony Ericsson C901 – imagine what could I do with a much better one!).

– Will love to do something at any of these destinations and much more.

Molle, Sweden, 2014. Enjoying a rarely hot Swedish summer as a guest of Grand Hotel Molle, after performing for a private event.
Molle, Sweden, 2014. Enjoying a rarely hot Swedish summer, where I stayed at Grand Hotel Molle, after performing for a private event.

Proud about:

tripbase awards badge   Ej Lasko, Lasko short film

Have worked with:

lPrague SUmmer Choral Meeting logo   Arpacay Hostel Prague   Grand Hotel Molle logo   Ibrany varos onkormanyzata   Travellers Hostel Prague logo   Erdelyorszag az en hazam Fesztival logo   Nagyszebeni Magyar Kulturális Központ   Stockholmi magyar haz logoBarcika Art logo   UN Copenhagen Climate Change Conference logo   Szentes varos cimere   Ozd varos uj cimere   Tarcal varos onkormanyzata   Brugges Festival logo   e5158-vikingrivercruiseslogo_tcm43-9136

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